Airless Container Advantage

    Airless Container Advantage

    Opening the lid of a bottle of skincare product exposes its contents to the air and anything that floats or dissolves in the air, including oxygen, nitrogen, air pollution, germs, and dirt.

    What happens then? Logically, the air and all the pollutants in it should negatively affect and even spoil and even shorten the effective life, structure and function of the skin care product.

    Most skin care products are not going to be negatively affected by exposure to air. Good news? Keep reading…

    Sure, there are all sorts of germs in the air like bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but skin care products that could go bad already have special ingredients called preservatives that prevent the growth of those germs, whether they’re falling from the air or are transferred with the finger that you will use to apply them to your skin.

    Fine particles of dirt, dust, and debris can certainly fall into your open jar of cream, but they’re not likely to do anything more to your skincare product than they do to your skin when deposited on it. .

    So it seems that opening the bottle of your favorite skincare product doesn’t doom it to instant breakdown or deactivation… There are three things to consider, though.

    1. If the base of the product formulation is water, the longer the bottle remains open, the more water will evaporate from the product, which may change the consistency or structure of the product to the point that it loses its texture, its constitution and even its effectiveness.

    2. A second effect is the oxidation through the air that the product can suffer. When exposed regularly and for long periods to oxygen and small amounts of ozone in the air, they can become inactivated and even darken in color.

    3. And the most relevant point: the same preservative elements that protect these products from damage and deterioration caused by contact with the air, play a negative role in the health of your skin: They protect the product, but they affect your skin in a different way. negative…

    The good news is that Sirène Nature products are packaged without air and, when administering it, you only expose to the air the small portion that you extract to use at that very moment. The rest remain inside the container, isolated from the outside air... The main reason is that they are products formulated without elements that protect the product, since what matters most to us is taking care of your skin.

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