Collection: "U" Cold Press Soaps

    About our all natural handcrafted soaps

    • ALL NATURAL - Most big-name soap, isn’t even soap at all, it’s classified as synthetic detergent by the FDA. These detergents have little to no benefit to your skin, and can have negative effects on the environment. "U" Handcrafted Soap are all natural GMO-Free and organic and sustainable as possible.
    • GMO-FREE, VEGAN, & ORGANIC - "U" Handcrafted Soap uses the best the earth has to offer, to nourish your skin and keep it healthy and hydrated. Our soap is GMO free, Cruelty Free and contains zero harsh chemicals. Compare our four primary ingredients (Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter), to those of a leading body wash, and come to your own conclusions about what is best for your skin.
    • MOISTURIZING - "U" Handcrafted Soap don't leave the skin stripped of its natural oils, leaving it dry and ashy like the synthetic competitors. No need to have to buy moisturizer made with the glycerin the synthetic competitors extract from their cleaning products. Natural Soap retains its glycerin, to give a luscious moisturizing wash, big-brands strip this out of their products and replace it with synthetic lathering agents, creating an artificial lather, which dries out the skin.
    • AVOID TOXIC CHEMICALS - Synthetic lathering agents aren’t the only chemicals you should be aware of. Commercial soaps contain other toxic chemicals such as surfactants, parabens, artificial coloring agents and dyes. These chemicals can be toxic for people as they are absorbed through your skin and can cause diseases in the long run. One toxic chemical in particular, triclosan, has been shown to disrupt hormones and damage the reproductive system.
    • SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL - The rise in bio-diesel & the need for edible
      non-hydrogenated oils has created a huge demand for palm oil. Palm oil is
      only harvested significantly in tropical rain forest regions & the potential
      for deforestation is the root of the problem. We use an organic palm oil
      which is a renewable & sustainable resource. Our palm oil is not as likely to
      contribute to the deforestation industry & our palm oil is farmed
      organically thus not polluting the land.